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All-inclusive gynecomastia surgery prices in £
 Please note that the prices are approximate & may vary slightly
Gynecomastia surgery (removal of glandural tissue) £ 1,616.86 *
Additional (breast) liposuction – needed in some cases +£ 363.58 *
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Price for gynecomastia surgery also includes:

  • All medical costs & 1 nigth of hospitalisation
  • Finding best air travel & accommodation
  • Personal travel manager & 24/7 assistance
  • Pick up / drop off at the airport, transportation
  • Phone + Lithuanian SIM card for unlimited use
  • Help with after-care and rehabilitation
  • Insurance of up to €35000 / £ 29,941.80 *
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Gynecomastia surgery

  • Minimum required stay in Lithuania – 5 days;
  • Performed under general anesthesia; lasts 1-2 hours.
Gynecomastia is the enlargement of glandular and/or fat tissue in males. There are many reasons that can cause these symptoms, starting from physiological such as hormone imbalance, pathological and other reasons, such as usage of medicine. When diagnosing gynecomastia it is important to evaluate patient’s complaints and to base it on the objective examination.

Since gynecomastia is not necessarily caused by excess localised fat, neither sports nor diet can help it. Therefore, gynecomastia surgery (sometimes with liposuction) is needed. Read more »

Dr. Martynas Norkus
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, head of the clinic. He and his team will be taking care of you throughout the treatment. Quick facts about the doctor:
  • +16 years of experience;
  • Considered as one of the best in Lithuania;
  • Fluency in English, German and Russian.
Dr. Domantas Stundys
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, trained in Lithuania, Germany, France, Hungary & Turkey. He specialises in aesthetic surgery, as well as facial rejuvenation. Quick facts:
  • +12 years of experience;
  • Has always been practicing in top-tier clinics;
  • Fluency in English, Polish and Russian.
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Disclaimer: every result is individual. We put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

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